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with governments,01 venture capital funds,02 from early stage startups and accelerator programmes,03 to global businesses, and angel investors and more.


What we do

From planning strategic direction, through to designing and delivering innovation programmes,

we have deep experience from

a variety of industries.

We’ve founded startups (and scaled and sold them too), created and led world-class innovation programmes across three continents, invested in businesses across a broad range of sectors and helped industry leaders innovate at speed.

Innovative sustainability, or sustainable innovation, isn’t just being conscious of the polar ice caps, or your carbon footprint. We look beyond SDGs and use technology to consider the work we do and its impact on society, the economy and the wider world.


For Organisations

Think of us as your partner for doing things better; helping you to use technology to shape a more efficient working environment and create internal capabilities that keep you competitive.

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For Startups

We're your impartial and supportive advisors, the sherpas for your entrepreneurial journey. We can help you optimise your business, team and product, find the right investors or even work on your pitch deck.

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We're an agile team

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Who do it all

Metta - case study top down

Top Down

We work top-down, integrating with the executive level to design and deliver meaningful strategy across business units, geographies and further afield.

Metta - case study bottom up

Bottom Up

We work bottom-up, providing practical training to teams to help them do their jobs better and more sustainably.

We're not an innovation consultancy.

We're not trying to sell you products based on things

We've learned from theory.

We do it based on decades of practical experience as startup founders, investors and innovators.

We're not here to sell you shiny, nice ideas: We help you make the great ideas reality and are by your side while you do.

We won't help you to just tick the box: We help you make meaningful change that's done sustainably and strategically.

We don't want you to innovate in isolation: We help you create and nurture a whole network of opportunities.

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