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We Deliver Innovation

We accelerate the pace of innovation, to create long-term positive impact in the organisations and ecosystems we work with.

Our Proof


We have delivered 3000 hours of training to startup, corporate, and government stakeholders



We’ve delivered programmes and events in 15 countries across 4 continents



We’ve accelerated innovation across 7 industries



Our startup portfolio, since going through a Metta programme, have gone on to raise £250m+

Who we work with
Who We Work with.

Corporates & Private sector

We map opportunities for innovation within the organisation and industries we work in.

Our tailored solutions are designed to deliver transformative change for the businesses we work with, ensuring they are able to stay relevant and competitive.

Government & Public sector

We work with local and national government entities to activate and engage innovation ecosystems to create long-term and self-sustaining economic impact.

Our work has created thousands of jobs globally, led to eight figures of private and public investment dollars being raised and helped our government partners to be competitive in a fast-paced global innovation market.

Academic Institutions

We’ve worked with a variety of universities and academic institutions around the world.

From hosting educational workshops and events, writing research papers, sharing our experience with the next generation of thinkers - we collaborate with academia to help bring innovation and adaptability to the forefront.

Startups / smes

We’ve founded startups and scaled/ sold them, too. We’ve supported more than 500 early-stage, high-growth startups and SMEs as impartial and supportive advisors. Using our practical experience, we’ve helped optimise startups’ businesses, teams and products – even working on pitch decks and helping to develop investment strategies!

The startups we’ve worked with have gone on to raise more than £250M in post-programme funding, land significant contracts with enterprise customers and have created thousands of jobs globally.

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We’re your innovation partner

At Metta, we are your proactive and end-to-end innovation partner. We work with public and private sector partners to solve innovation, sustainability and regeneration challenges affecting their organisations and ecosystems. We are committed to creating a positive, long-term impact on society and the planet by accelerating the pace of innovation across key industries globally.

How we do it
How We Do It.

We’re not your regular innovation consultancy

We draw on decades of practical experience as startup founders, investors and innovators to deliver meaningful change and measurable impact. We’ve founded startups (and scaled and sold them too), and invested in and mentored businesses across a broad rangeof sectors. We’ve created and led world-class innovation programmes across four continents, and helped industry leaders innovate at speed.


Metta starts with research to identify the key assets and challenges unique to your region/sector, providing detailed, actionable insights which provide the foundation for all of the work to come.

Metta engages with stakeholders across finance, the public and private sectors, academia, startups and more to identify the opportunities, enablers and barriers for the future development of your innovation ecosystem.


Metta designs and delivers an activation and development strategy. Metta implements initiatives to develop the innovation ecosystem by creating bridges between innovators, investors, industry stakeholders and government entities, and providing the necessary frameworks and forums to enable innovation to flourish.

Metta also identifies areas of upskilling required within your organisation and creates a unique programme of training, mentorship and guidance to facilitate this upskilling.


Metta designs and delivers accelerator programmes which target relevant startups to our public or private sector partners. Our programmes have a local focus - designed to support startups in a specific industry or location - or a global focus - designed to attract the best global talent and tech to do business in a specific industry or location.

Metta connects participating startups to a network of investors, mentors, and industry partners to give them the support they need to build and grow.

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Who do it all.

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